Who We Are


NEUROWEEK is here! Events will be happening every day from February 1st through 5th.

2/1, 7:00 pm – Mind Melt in Tisch Commons. Swing by and grab some hot chocolate and Insomnia cookies!

2/2, 6:30 pm – Surgery Screening with Wash U Med School’s Dr. Zohny (DUC 234). Enjoy a virtual shadowing experience in the operating room!

2/3, 6:30 pm – Mindboggling Mysteries (DUC 276). Wash U’s own Dr. Bogdan and visiting professor Dr. Schwartz share some of their most interesting neurological case studies.

2/4, 6:30 pm – Neurolympics (DUC 233). Teams of 3-4 members will compete to see who has the most knowledge of brain trivia! There will be several prizes available.

2/5, 8:30 pm – Movie Screening (Mudd MPR). Finish out the week with a showing of Inside Out.

Synapse Education
Shadow a medical professional specializing in Neuroscience in either a clinical or an operating room setting.
Spread interest in neuroscience to Elementary and Middle School students in the St. Louis area through Synapse Demo Days and Synapse 101 programs.
Cerebral Palsy Sports Rehab
ALS Program
Interact and help young adults with Cerebral Palsy through swimming, basketball, dance, and toddler movement classes. Volunteer to help community members with ALS.