Synapse Education: Demo Days, 101, and Scholars

Do you want to spend time working with children? 

Want to teach elementary, middle, or high schooler about the brain?

Synapse Education programs strive to interest students in science at an early age by engaging them in fun, hands-on demonstrations. Synapse Education focuses on spreading interest in neuroscience to older Elementary School (4th and 5th graders) and Middle School students in the St. Louis area through the Demo Days and Synapse 101 programs.

Synapse Ed is always looking for new volunteers! All students are welcome, regardless of major or prior experience in neuroscience. We hold several training sessions each semester to ensure that everyone is prepared to deliver our demonstrations and can answer questions on the related topics in neuroscience.

Demo Days

Synapse Demo Days is a single-visit program intended for 20 to 30 students and lasting 45 minutes to an hour. Our volunteers present interactive lessons relating to the brain including demonstrations of neuroanatomy, learning capabilities, adaptation, and “proprioception”, or the body’s sixth sense, pertaining to balance. All the demos are fun and designed to involve every student in the class! We have presented our demos at many St. Louis schools in addition to the St. Louis Science Center, and have received enthusiastic response from students and adults alike.

For more information, please reach out to the Demo Days Director, Julian Abt (

Synapse 101

The Synapse 101 program is tailored for a single class of 20-30 students. We visit the class four or five times over the course of a semester and teach the students about a wide range of interesting topics in neuroscience. Each visit is themed with a specific topic related to the brain, including the different senses, perception, brain injury, and safety. On the last visit, students play a trivia game to review what they have learned. The goal of Synapse 101 is to show students how interesting neuroscience can be, and how much it relates to their daily lives.

For more information, please reach out to the Synapse 101 Director, Akshat Sharma (

Synapse Scholars

Synapse Scholars is a new middle and high school neuroscience education program. Our mission is to provide interesting, educational, and fun activities/demonstrations for students interested in the brain.

We have curriculum options for a range of different educational backgrounds. However, most of the activities and demonstrations build off of a basic scientific understanding. Topics covered include anatomy and physiology, mental health, dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, importance of sleep, and traumatic brain injury.

For more information please reach out to the Synapse Scholars Director, Sam Norwitz (

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