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Synapse 101 Education: Midsemester Update

Synapse 101 works with local elementary schools to teach neuroscience to elementary school students

With 5 coordinators, Synapse 101 has been working with many elementary school classrooms this semester to extend our love for neuroscience with kids across the St. Louis area. 


Synapse 101 volunteers show students in Mr(s). Y's classroom how to build model neurons

Our coordinators: Kenneth (Director), Julia, Rena, Ankit, and Sid have been leading groups of volunteers to St. Louis Public Schools and conducting various neuroscience demos with the children. Demos range from bringing in an actual human brain to the classroom, constructing model neurons from K’nex pieces, and teaching how reflexes work. 

Synapse 101 students practice testing each other’s reflex arcs on each other

We are always looking for new 101 volunteers!

If you think you may be interested in volunteering with St. Louis Public Schools elementary-age children, then keep an eye out for signups when they come out next fall!

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